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ECMA & Pro Carton Hybrid Event

Hybrid Events
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In 2020, the event went digital due to the COVID pandemic and time for planning the live stream was restricted to 4 weeks. We knew that with increased planning time we would be able to improve many of the elements of the live stream, including the animated elements and virtual set.


The biggest challenge of the event both during 2020 and 2021 was how to take what is normally an in-person event and keep it engaging for the audience.

Hundreds of participants from across Europe joined and we had the challenge of capturing genuine reactions and interviews from the winners.

To manage this process we used 3 full time Zoom Producers, to manage the flow of nominees coming in and out of the live show. They also managed the Zoom rooms with the nominees from all over Europe, pulling them into the show one at a time, every 10-15 seconds.

We were able to build on the success of the 2020 live stream by producing an even better and more polished digital event in 2021.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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You all make it incredibly easy for us to trust you with our events as you are such perfectionists and true professionals! Genuinely from me, a huge thank you to all of your team, especially to Fergus for being so brilliant. Couldn’t have done it without you.


Elle Pugh

Marketing Lead | CIISEC

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Thanks for being a really, responsive fab team, have loved working with you.

Rachel Hobson

Head of Strategic Marketing Campaigns & Global Events | BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

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I have worked with PinPoint Media for 5 years, they have been our outsourced partner of choice since the event's inception and have been nothing short of exceptional. They put in a huge amount of effort and skill to ensure the awards are special and ultimately a resounding success each year.

testimonial richard benham web

Richard Benham

Founder | The National Cyber Awards

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Thanks for all your help with the TAE stand. You did an amazing job and the stand looked brilliant.

Robert Townshend​

Strategic Planning Director | TAE Power Solutions