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Live Events

We’re your trusted partner for unforgettable corporate experiences, offering end-to-end event management tailored to your specific needs. Our dedicated team seamlessly integrates cutting-edge event tech, captivating stage setups, engaging entertainment, and flawless logistics for impactful events.

“Live events aren’t just moments; they’re immersive journeys where every detail creates lasting experiences. As an agency, we orchestrate moments that resonate, inspire and linger in attendees hearts”


Clara Daray

Account Director


Hybrid Events

Blending live event energy with virtual accessibility, our hybrid events seamlessly integrate both worlds. From planning and tech integration to live streaming, we create engaging experiences, ensuring online attendees feel fully involved.

“Drawing from our heritage in event production, we specialise in creating hybrid events that seamlessly blend the physical and virtual realms, resulting in immersive experiences for all participants”

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Fergus Bruce

Events Director

Virtual Events

With deep production roots, we’ve produced virtual events and live streams since our start, using cutting-edge technologies for seamless experiences. Whether streaming a global CEO update or hosting a virtual awards ceremony, we ensure a highly engaging online experience for constant delegate engagement.

“Grounded in our creative and digital expertise, we excel at curating virtual events that seamlessly fuse digital realms, delivering immersive experiences to attendees across the globe”

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Amy Green

Marketing Director

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