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Farmers Apprentice Virtual Awards

Virtual Events


Farmers weekly host an annual awards ceremony in London. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this awards ceremony could not take place in person so they approached us to help the create a virtual version of the awards.

They were conscious that holding their audiences attention for 2 hours virtually is very different to being in a banquet hall in person, so they wanted to split the awards show into 5 individual 20-minute episodes.

As well as the awards content, they also wanted each episode to include elements of entertainment, so that they could be as engaging as possible.

We had previously produced the programme in 2018 but this time needed to find a way to do it despite the restrictions put in place by the global COVID pandemic.


To effectively engage diverse audiences, we divided them into three distinct groups.

Presenter segments were filmed in one day at Adam Henson's farm, one of the presenters' locations. Sponsors were invited to a central location to film their winner announcements individually, with remote submission options available.

A small team interviewed select major winners off-site to maintain anonymity. Our animation team crafted a custom animation, "The A to Z of Farming," featuring farming-related definitions for each letter, reflecting the 2020 farming experience.

Additionally, each episode featured standalone entertainment content, such as performances by the "singing farmer."

This approach led to record-breaking viewership, with audiences tuning in on release day and continuing to watch for weeks and months after, expanding exposure for winners, sponsors, and the industry.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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You all make it incredibly easy for us to trust you with our events as you are such perfectionists and true professionals! Genuinely from me, a huge thank you to all of your team, especially to Fergus for being so brilliant. Couldn’t have done it without you.


Elle Pugh

Marketing Lead | CIISEC

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Thanks for being a really, responsive fab team, have loved working with you.

Rachel Hobson

Head of Strategic Marketing Campaigns & Global Events | BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

icon qutoe solid blue

I have worked with PinPoint Media for 5 years, they have been our outsourced partner of choice since the event's inception and have been nothing short of exceptional. They put in a huge amount of effort and skill to ensure the awards are special and ultimately a resounding success each year.

testimonial richard benham web

Richard Benham

Founder | The National Cyber Awards

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Thanks for all your help with the TAE stand. You did an amazing job and the stand looked brilliant.

Robert Townshend​

Strategic Planning Director | TAE Power Solutions