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Leading brands strive to craft immersive virtual experiences that bring the extraordinary to life without any risk.  Veolia’s GeoMeltⓇ facility simulation was designed for a secure and captivating encounter.

Given the inherent hazards of the actual GeoMeltⓇ facility, regular access for workers is restricted. In response, Veolia sought to replicate the experience through a remarkably realistic VR simulation. This enables them to showcase the intricacies of the facility at various events and share the virtual encounter with clients, ensuring a safe yet engaging experience for all.


This was a huge technical project but the team persevered, with several A/B internal testing stages, client feedback and a handful of demonstrations with the client.

This allowed the team to pick up and tweak any technical issues that restricted the virtual experience from running seamlessly for our client. The team also implemented the use of AI to help support the project using ChatGPT and Unreal Engine 5 as a part of the VR software construction.

The final outcome consisted of a realistic immersive experience including the sights and sounds of the GeoMeltⓇ facility and an educational walk-through which Veolia have since been delighted with.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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You all make it incredibly easy for us to trust you with our events as you are such perfectionists and true professionals! Genuinely from me, a huge thank you to all of your team, especially to Fergus for being so brilliant. Couldn’t have done it without you.


Elle Pugh

Marketing Lead | CIISEC

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Thanks for being a really, responsive fab team, have loved working with you.

Rachel Hobson

Head of Strategic Marketing Campaigns & Global Events | BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

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I have worked with PinPoint Media for 5 years, they have been our outsourced partner of choice since the event's inception and have been nothing short of exceptional. They put in a huge amount of effort and skill to ensure the awards are special and ultimately a resounding success each year.

testimonial richard benham web

Richard Benham

Founder | The National Cyber Awards

icon qutoe solid blue

Thanks for all your help with the TAE stand. You did an amazing job and the stand looked brilliant.

Robert Townshend​

Strategic Planning Director | TAE Power Solutions